Yellow Polenta of Ancient Grains

    • 500 gr cornmeal*
    • 15 gr extra virgin olive oil
    • 1 tbsp coarse salt

Claudio Grossi has dedicated his life to the recovery of biodiversity and ancient plant varieties, thereby building a network of artisanal and local farmers and millers. His corn can only be milled on request, and every batch is a unique mix of different ancient corn varieties. The result is a truly extraordinary stone-milled polenta.

Take some time, maybe a Sunday afternoon, to cook this polenta. It takes about a whole hour and you might want to take turns with your friends to not get too tired of stirring constantly. The time and effort will be rewarded. 

In a large, heavy-based pot, bring the water to a boil. Add the salt and the cornmeal, letting it run in thin streams through your fingers. Whisking continuously, add the olive oil and let it cook for about 50 minutes at low heat—don’t stop stirring! When cooked, increase the heat until the rather dense polenta detaches from the sides of the pot. The polenta can be served on a large wooden cutting board in the middle of the table so that each guest can dress it with aged cheese, a little melted butter or a delicious ragout (like the one by Mondragon*). Polenta is also delicious by itself: let it cool down so it becomes more dense and cut it with a knife in slices. Fry the polenta slices in extra virgin olive oil in a pan until they become crispy on every side!

* Products included in Box 08 Taste of Winter