White Rye Tajarin

Made from a dough of rye flour and whole eggs, the tajarin have a rough feel – a typical characteristic of many Piedmontese – and one can taste hints of slightly bitter mountain hay. For a perfect autumn dinner, pair the tajarin with braised pumpkin or delicate chanterelles. In summer, try the pasta with raw oysters and lemon zest. But since this pasta is so unique, it’s worth tasting it on its own with just a touch of butter or a splash of olive oil. And instead of the usual Parmigiano Reggiano, try topping it with a sprinkle of chopped walnuts or hazelnuts. 

To cook: Boil the tajarin in plenty of salted water for five minutes. Then, turn off the heat and let them stand in the hot water for a minute before draining, leaving the tajarin slightly wet.