Ingredients for 6 people:
    • 500 gr Bilei lonzino from the Marche*
    • 3 Belgian endives
    • Italian extra virgin olive oil (if possible, from the Marche)
    • 1 lemon
    • Several leaves of fresh mint
    • 1 white peach (optional)

This dish reminds of the typical snacks eaten out in the countryside: simple, saltless bread with irregular sliced lonzino, Belgian endives sliced thin and dressed with just a few drops of lemon, extra virgin olive oil, and some fresh, hand-torn mint leaves; a quick appetizer that’s perfect to serve just before a hot primo.

Arrange the sliced lonzino on a plate, and let it sit for about ten minutes to reach room temperature. Just before serving, place the thinly sliced endive over top and bring it to the table immediately; you don’t want the lonzino to be in contact with the dressing for too long or it will soak it up and become soggy.

If you like fruity pairings, finish the dish with several thin slices of white peach. The fresh fruit will give your appetizer a lovely crisp note that is pleasantly acidic.

Sorry to remind you one more time, but don’t forget to slice the lonzino when it is very cold so that the cuts are finer; and serve the lonzino at room temperature, but not too warm, in order to let it express the best of itself.

* Product included in Box 01 Norcino Plus