Cruschi peppers

Peperoni Cruschi (pronounced “Crusshh-ski”) are fried, sun dried Peperoni di Senise – a pepper that probably arrived to Southern Italy with the Spanish, who brought it there from the Antilles. What’s special about these peppers, apart from their flavour, is their thin skin – this means they dry quicker in the late summer sun and cook faster when dropped into hot extra virgin olive oil. They are produced by the Mirogallo brothers in Matera – one of the oldest cities in the world and a World Heritage site of UNESCO – who are specialized in the cultivation and preservation of heirloom varieties of fruit and vegetables from which they make very high quality products by hand.

Crunchy and savoury, these peppers are an excellent snack and appetizer. Their flavour embodies the passion of Southern Italy: they are incredibly warming. They can be eaten immediately upon opening and will remain crunchy as long as the container is kept well-closed.