Coarse MA’KAIRA Spelt and Barley Linguine with zucchini, zucchini flowers, and marjoram

Ingredients for 6 people:
    • 500 gr Ma’ Kaira spelt and barley pasta*
    • Enzo Carpino extra virgin olive oil from the Iblei Mountains*
    • 6 zucchini
    • 2 yellow onions, thinly sliced
    • 10 zucchini flowers
    • Fresh marjoram
    • 200 gr pit cheese (infossato), julienned*
    • 2 rounded teaspoons of cane sugar (optional)
    • Salt and pepper

This recipe is the vegetarian-friendly version of the classic Roman cacio e pepe.

Pay attention to the pasta as it’s cooking, because its high quality grains will cause it to finish cooking quickly.

Don’t skimp on the size of pot and amount of water you use: use a deep pot and fill it with 8 liters of water, and then add a teaspoon and a half of coarse salt per liter. But wait – before boiling, we need to prepare the sauce!

Use a potato peeler to peel the zucchini lengthwise, forming long ribbons (use mostly the peel and a bit of the inside); set aside.

In an extra large saucepan (consider you’ll also be adding all the pasta at the end), pour in the olive oil in order to cover the bottom and heat for a couple of minutes. Add the sliced onion and cook over a low flame until translucent; add the zucchini and remove from the heat.

Boil the Ma’Kaira spaghetti al dente (4 minutes of cooking). When you drain the pasta, save a ladleful of cooking water, which is rich in starches that will help thicken the sauce.

Add the spaghetti and the cooking water to the vegetables in the saucepan. Let it evaporate over medium heat for a minute, stirring well. The vegetables should be al dente and bright green.

Divide the spaghetti onto individual plates. Before serving, sprinkle each portion with the pit cheese, zucchini flowers cut in strips, and a pinch of marjoram.

Once at the table, before eating, mix the dish well: the pit cheese is best when mixed throughout the pasta, not all on top. Excellent with freshly grated black pepper.

Serve and eat right away. Pasta isn’t happy when kept waiting, and it retaliates by going soggy!


Chef’s variation: Would you like to give your spaghetti an artistic touch? While you’re browning the onion, add two teaspoons of cane sugar and let the onion caramelize, stirring well. Once it’s done, continue adding the zucchini, following the recipe above. 

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