Cheese duo with Martinsecca Pears from Primitivizia

Rather than a recipe, we have a word of advice: the cheeses will taste best if kept at room temperature for at least half an hour before serving. The Martinsecca pears are an ideal pairing and their sweetness could even take the place of the dessert. But the best part about this cheese tasting is remembering the passionate work done by Emilio, the dairy farmer that made these cheeses we have selected for you; and that of Noris, who manually gathers wild fruit and herbs to create her incomparable compotes.

Begin with the San Giorgio Pecorino, characterized by a delicate, “friable” flesh, described as such because it’s flaky yet fresh, fudgy yet powdery at the same time. The pecorino has mineral and sweet notes, with aromas of aromatic Mediterranean herbs and straw.

Finish with the Pecorino degli Amanti. This “pit” cheese is aged in tuff rock pits for 100 days, from August to November. It has the luxuriousness of truffle, and its flesh breaks off in flakes at the point of a knife. On the palate, it melts with an unexpected creaminess. Its taste is marked by a firm piquancy and intense aromas of mushroom, earth, and black pepper. This is a true meditation cheese.

Serve with the Martinsecca pears; they will perfectly accompany this duo of cheeses, just like a skilled pianist would guide you through a dinner.