At originàrio we have a vision; to bring rare and authentic products crafted by some of Italy’s most skillful artisans to passionate food and wine lovers. As a team we thrive on seeking out little-known producers for inclusion in our Tasting Boxes and ensure we meet each and every one at exactly where the product is created.  Whether that’s the snow-topped peaks of the Aurina Valley in Northern Italy or the sea-facing sloping hills of Sicily – discovering everything there is to know about where the food and drink originates and the individuals who make it, is the very foundation from which originàrio was born.


Sissi’s the brains behind originàrio, a concept inspired by her ambition to help small Italian producers and fuelled by a fascination with innovation and sustainability. She’s spent her career as a communications expert – including a stint in New York.


Food (and more) writer Roberta is originàrio’s editor in chief. She is the author of various books and has written about food for a host of international magazines. In her spare time Roberta runs a seaside restaurant and a hillside farm with her husband in Sicily.


It’s Francesca’s eye for snapping still-life, mostly food, that has propelled the work of this Venetian born photographer into numerous international magazines. She’s the visual photo editor in chief of originàrio.


The director of originario’s beautifully shot short films, Federico is a master of telling stories through images and a food-lover. He claims the key is to focus on the smaller details of a subject.


Food and travel unmistakably define Alice. She studied and worked internationally and today she can be found on the road discovering hidden producers or places, in a classroom to teach her food culture or in her veggie garden with dirty hands.


Luca’s job is to get the best out of the originàrio products. Chef, agronomist, experimenter: he takes nothing for granted. He’s the go-to-guy when it comes to the food production process and helps bring an element of surprise to every box.



There is incredible food and wine that you never knew existed. Unfortunately, it’s also nearly impossible for many extraordinary products to be exported to the number of customers it deserves. But originàrio is making this happen, by enabling this food and drink to be delivered straight to people’s doors. Not only this, originàrio tells you the story of the products; detailing everything about the craftspeople involved in its creation and where it originates.

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    We endeavor to showcase the quality of the best Italian food products and biodiversity of Italian culture.

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    We work with producers who do not have the resources to promote their food and drink through traditional methods. We help to reach their consumers through telling their story and highlighting their product’s uniqueness.

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    We choose food and drink that comply to sustainable production methods, methods that respects humans and the environment according to the principle of 'Buono e Ben Fatto', meaning it’s good and well-made in the best tradition of Italian gastronomy.

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    We tell stories of amore. Behind every one of our high-quality foods there is always an element of true love involved. Whether these producers are aging cheese, kneading bread, or cultivating a rare species of tomato - it's only ever driven by an innate passion.

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    We champion those who swim against the tide. Our producers don't ask 'how can I make as much as possible?,’ but 'how can I produce the best possible? They don't measure success atypically in numbers, but in smiles on customer’s faces and from feedback.

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    We travel to the corners and ends of the world (well Italy...for now!). We're prepared to leave the highway behind and navigate dirt roads and mountain paths to discover the stories behind those captivating flavours, because the most exciting part of any food is the story behind it.